V.Cさん 東京都文京区 38歳 会社員 お悩み ニキビ

I first tried threading at Graciela a few weeks ago. I used to pluck my eyebrows and have my upper lip waxed. But I have a very sensitive skin, and I always remained very red after waxing. I also suffer from adult acne since I stopped the pill a few years ago (a hormone-related acne located mostly on my chin). I was interested in threading and even more after seeing Graciela’s home page and reading about its possible good effects on acne.

I would lie if I said that the treatment is not painful. I was surprised the first time how much it hurts. However, after the treatment I was also very positively surprised because my skin was not very red. I could go out after the treatment, which I could not after waxing (I always put on a mask after waxing !). My skin was also very soft. As I have quite a lot of hair I was happy to have a baby soft face. So I booked my next treatment 2 weeks later, so that the hair does not grow back too much, hoping it would be less painful. It actually was a little less painful, but I would not say not painful at all. Some areas are still very sensitive (under the nose, cheeks). But I suppose you get used to it with time.

Since then, I have gone a few times, every 2 weeks, and the most happy result is that my acne is clearing ! I am quite sure it is related to the treatment, and this is priceless, so I will continue this treatment even if it is painful. It is most painful during the 10 first minutes so this is something I definitely can endure if my acne is cured. I also noticed it was more painful right before my periods so I will avoid this time of the month from now.

I am sure that the redness after the treatment can be avoided because of the lovely after care at Graciela’s : massage, cooling pack, lotion. The whole process makes it not only a threading but a real facial.

My skin is getting softer, and clearer each time and I would definitely recommend Graciela to any woman who wants to get clear of facial hair and suffers from acne.